About Cromia
The Sciamanna family The history of Cromia began in 1963, when Mr Germano Sciamanna, starting from its own experience and from the tradition of leather manufacturing very strong in Tolentino, founded a small leather craft company called La.i.pe.

Over the years, this small business has become a successful company which still produces for the most important brands of the fashion system. In 2003, thanks to the visionary foresight of Sergio and Gino, Germano’s sons, was born the property brand Cromia
About Cromia What does represent a bag for a woman? A trusted friend which is able to preserve everything she needs, which is suitable to ease any situation and perfect to be always with her, both in the busy days and during the crazy nights
That’s Cromia! The perfect solution to have always all your world with you… sophisticated, fashionable and iconic
Our valuesCromia combines the high quality of materials with the skill of manufacturing. Colour is its own nature, and it’s wisely combined with the attention for details and the innovation which has always been put into practice by leather craftsmen. The frequent collaborations with stylists and icon people bring dynamism and contamination of ideas to Cromia, attracting the world of Fashion attention
The Woman who chooses Cromia The Woman who chooses Cromia is active, dynamic, self-confident. She doesn’t buy the accessory to please others, but to please herself, living the city as a protagonist and creating her unique, modern, elegant and never boring style
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