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Cromia comes from the long story of S.p.a, a company founded in 1963 by Mr. Germano Sciamanna who, having experienced the leather handicrafts, decided to start this business in Tolentino, in the Marche region where there is a strong and ancient leather craft tradition.

Mr. Germano, man of great courage and enterprising spirit began producing small leather goods for the national market. Thanks to his great competence, he started good partnerships with the most important Italian and international fashion companies. 
One of these was the collaboration with Gianni Versace, who in 1981, commissioned to the production and distribution of women leather accessories. 
This fundamental partnership is the starting point of the’s growth, not just in figures, but above all in bringing in the company the expertise of the world fashion system. 

At the end of 90’s Sergio and Gino Sciamanna entered the family business and supported their father in the run of the business. Gino, the older one, managed the production, while Sergio who became the CEO of the company, managed the trade aspects starting new business with important Italian and international brands.  
In 2003, their dream comes true: they created their own brand: CROMIA

Today, after 15 years from the launch for the brand, Cromia is a world-famous handbags brand, recognized for the medley of colors and materials, the quality and the innovation of its products.

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